Saoud Abou Sultan (born 25 September 1979) is a contestant on Super Star, who finished 4th on the first season of the competition.

Top 55Edit

Saoud performed in the fifth group. He sang "". He received enough votes to send him to the Top 12 along with Haitham Saeed.

Top 12Edit

Top 10Edit

Top 8Edit

Saoud sang "Geni Geni".

Top 7Edit

Saoud sang "Fog El Nakher".

Top 6Edit

Saoud sang "Ayi Damwet Hozen".

Top 5Edit

Saoud sang "Abeek".

Top 4Edit

Saoud sang "Mawood" and "Salamtak Bi'id Allah". He was eliminated at this stage of the competition.

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