Ranim Qteit (born 23 April 1983) is a contestant on Super Star, who finished 4th on the second season of the competition.

Top 81Edit

Ranim performed in the fourth group. He sang "El Hawa Hawaya" He received enough votes to send him to the Top 17 along with Abd El Rahman Mohamed.

Top 17Edit

During the first week, Ranim sang "Wiatak Habibi".

Top 15Edit

Ranim sang "Law Naweet".

Top 13Edit

Ranim sang "Bahlam Bi'ik".

Top 11Edit

Ranim sang "Gamil Asmar".

Top 10Edit

Ranim sang "Tomor El Rus W Al Ein".

Top 9.1Edit

Ranim sang "Tikhounouh". There was no elimination that week due to Amir Nameh's absence.

Top 9.2Edit

Ranim sang "Ya Naseena".

Top 7Edit

Ranim sang "Albi Mal" and "Tidar Titkallem".

Top 6Edit

Ranim sang "Min Gheer Leeh" and "Samra Ya Samra".

Top 5Edit

Ranim sang "Sahalooni El Nas" and "Ya Hawlat El Duniya".

Top 4Edit

Ranim sang "Bahyia", "Layl W Rawd" and "Sert El Hob". He was eliminated at this stage of the competition.