Melhem Zein (born 22 October 1982) is a contestant on Super Star, who finished 3rd on the first season of the competition.

Top 55Edit

Melhem performed in the third group. He sang "Sarkhat Batal". He received enough votes to send him to the Top 12 along with Nancy Zabalawi.

Top 12Edit

Top 10Edit

Top 8Edit

Melhem sang "Saharouni El Leyl".

Top 7Edit

Melhem sang "Diqou El Mehabej".

Top 6Edit

Melhem sang "Ali Jara".

Top 5Edit

Melhem sang "Biad Kentoum"

Top 4Edit

Melhem sang "Asfour Sarkhat Batal" and "Samra Ana Elhasodeh"

Top 3Edit

Melhem sang "Endak Bahriya", "Wala Mara" and "Ya Ghayeb". He was eliminated at this stage of the competition.