Sanjaya at Seattle Center

Sanjaya Malakar, who placed seventh in season six

American Idol is an American talent reality television series that first aired in 2002. As of October 2008, there have been seven seasons. During every season, the final round of competition features twelve singers, except for season one when it had ten finalists and season eight when it had thirteen. A total of 106 contestants have reached the finals of their season. The show's age requirements only allow people to enter if they are between 16 and 29 years of age. Out of the 95 contestants listed, 21 of them were under the age of 20, including two winners and two runners-up. Season four winner Carrie Underwood currently holds the record for the highest-selling American Idol album in the United States, with more than six million copies.[1]

In season one, Jim Verraros, an openly gay contestant, was told by FOX to remove all mentions of his homosexuality from his online journal as producers "thought [he] was trying to gain more votes".[2] During the second season, finalist Corey Clark was disqualified when it was revealed that he had been arrested and charged with resisting arrest, battery upon his sister, and criminal restraint. In season five, voters claimed that phone calls dialed for Chris Daughtry during the first few minutes of voting were misrouted to Katharine McPhee's lines, when they heard her recorded message thanking them for voting for McPhee.[3] In season seven, it was revealed that Carly Smithson held a prior label record deal with MCA Records. Reports suggested that MCA spent over $2 million promoting Smithson's previous album which she made under the name Carly Hennessy. The album sold less than 400 copies.[4] Smithson remained on the show, and placed sixth in her season.


Kelly Clarkson Blue Angels

Kelly Clarkson, season one winner

Ruben Studdard 2

Ruben Studdard, season two winner

Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino, season three winner

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, season four winner

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks, season five winner

Jordin Sparks in parade

Jordin Sparks, season six winner

David Cook

David Cook, season seven winner

Kris Allen in New York City

Kris Allen, season eight winner

Name Age[1] Hometown Season Finished
Day, EJay{{#if: EJay Day EJay Day 20 Lawrenceville, Georgia 1 10th
Verraros, Jim{{#if: Jim Verraros Jim Verraros 19 Chicago, Illinois 1 9th
Gil, A.J.{{#if:1 A.J. Gil A.J. Gil 17 San Diego, California 1 8th
Starr, Ryan{{#if: Ryan Starr Ryan Starr 19 Sunland, California 1 7th
Christian, Christina{{#if:1 Christina Christian Christina Christian 21 Brooklyn, New York 1 6th
Helton, RJ{{#if:1 RJ Helton RJ Helton 21 Cumming, Georgia 1 5th
Gray, Tamyra{{#if: Tamyra Gray Tamyra Gray 23 Takoma Park, Maryland 1 4th
McKibbin, Nikki{{#if: Nikki McKibbin Nikki McKibbin 23 Grand Prairie, Texas 1 3rd
Guarini, Justin{{#if: Justin Guarini Justin Guarini 23 Doylestown, Pennsylvania 1 Runner-up
Clarkson, Kelly{{#if: Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson 20 Burleson, Texas 1 Winner
Olivarez, Vanessa{{#if: Vanessa Olivarez Vanessa Olivarez 22 Atlanta, Georgia 2 12th
Grigsby, Charles{{#if: Charles Grigsby Charles Grigsby 24 Oberlin, Ohio 2 11th
DeMato, Julia{{#if: Julia DeMato Julia DeMato 24 Brookfield, Connecticut 2 10th
Clark, Corey{{#if: Corey Clark Corey Clark 22 Nashville, Tennessee 2 9th
Smith, Rickey{{#if:1 Rickey Smith Rickey Smith 23 Keene, Texas 2 8th
Caldwell, Kimberly{{#if: Kimberly Caldwell Kimberly Caldwell 21 Katy, Texas 2 7th
Rasmusen, Carmen{{#if: Carmen Rasmusen Carmen Rasmusen 18 Bountiful, Utah 2 6th
Trenyce 23 Memphis, Tennessee 2 5th
Gracin, Joshua{{#if: Joshua Gracin Joshua Gracin 22 Oceanside, California 2 4th
Locke, Kimberley{{#if: Kimberley Locke Kimberley Locke 25 Nashville, Tennessee 2 3rd
Aiken, Clay{{#if: Clay Aiken Clay Aiken 24 Raleigh, North Carolina 2 Runner-up
Studdard, Ruben{{#if: Ruben Studdard Ruben Studdard 25 Birmingham, Alabama 2 Winner
LaBelle, Leah{{#if:1 Leah LaBelle Leah LaBelle 17 Seattle, Washington 3 12th
Rogers, Matthew{{#if: Matthew Rogers Matthew Rogers 25 Rancho Cucamonga, California 3 11th
Adams, Amy{{#if: Amy Adams Amy Adams 24 Bakersfield, California 3 10th
Velasco, Camile{{#if: Camile Velasco Camile Velasco 18 Haiku, Hawaii 3 9th
Peter Lewis, Jon{{#if: Jon Peter Lewis Jon Peter Lewis 24 Rexburg, Idaho 3 8th
Hudson, Jennifer{{#if: Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson 22 Chicago, Illinois 3 7th
Stevens, John{{#if: John Stevens John Stevens 16 East Amherst, New York 3 6th
Huff, George{{#if: George Huff George Huff 22 New Orleans, Louisiana 3 5th
London, LaToya{{#if: LaToya London LaToya London 25 Oakland, California 3 4th
Trias, Jasmine{{#if: Jasmine Trias Jasmine Trias 17 Mililani, Hawaii 3 3rd
DeGarmo, Diana{{#if: Diana DeGarmo Diana DeGarmo 16 Snellville, Georgia 3 Runner-up
Barrino, Fantasia{{#if: Fantasia Barrino Fantasia Barrino 19 High Point, North Carolina 3 Winner
Cardinale, Lindsey{{#if: Lindsey Cardinale Lindsey Cardinale 20 Ponchatoula, Louisiana 4 12th
Gordon, Mikalah{{#if: Mikalah Gordon Mikalah Gordon 17 Las Vegas, Nevada 4 11th
Sierra, Jessica{{#if: Jessica Sierra Jessica Sierra 19 Tampa Bay, Florida 4 10th
Smith, Nikko{{#if: Nikko Smith Nikko Smith 22 Town & Country, Missouri 4 9th
Turner, Nadia{{#if: Nadia Turner Nadia Turner 28 Miami, Florida 4 8th
Robinson, Anwar{{#if: Anwar Robinson Anwar Robinson 25 East Orange, New Jersey 4 7th
Maroulis, Constantine{{#if: Constantine Maroulis Constantine Maroulis 29 New York, New York 4 6th
Savol, Scott{{#if: Scott Savol Scott Savol 28 Shaker Heights, Ohio 4 5th
Fedorov, Anthony{{#if: Anthony Fedorov Anthony Fedorov 19 Trevose, Pennsylvania 4 4th
Solomon, Vonzell{{#if: Vonzell Solomon Vonzell Solomon 21 Fort Myers, Florida 4 3rd
Bice, Bo{{#if: Bo Bice Bo Bice 29 Helena, Alabama 4 Runner-up
Underwood, Carrie{{#if: Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood 21 Checotah, Oklahoma 4 Winner
McGhee, Melissa{{#if: Melissa McGhee Melissa McGhee 21 Tampa, Florida 5 12th
Covais, Kevin{{#if: Kevin Covais Kevin Covais 16 Levittown, New York 5 11th
Tucker, Lisa{{#if: Lisa Tucker Lisa Tucker 16 Anaheim, California 5 10th
Mandisa 29 Antioch, Tennessee 5 9th
Covington, Bucky{{#if: Bucky Covington Bucky Covington 28 Rockingham, North Carolina 5 8th
Young, Ace{{#if: Ace Young Ace Young 25 Denver, Colorado 5 7th
Pickler, Kellie{{#if: Kellie Pickler Kellie Pickler 19 Albemarle, North Carolina 5 6th
Bennett, Paris{{#if: Paris Bennett Paris Bennett 17 Fayetteville, Georgia 5 5th
Daughtry, Chris{{#if: Chris Daughtry Chris Daughtry 26 McLeansville, North Carolina 5 4th
Yamin, Elliott{{#if: Elliott Yamin Elliott Yamin 27 Richmond, Virginia 5 3rd
McPhee, Katharine{{#if: Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee 21 Los Angeles, California 5 Runner-up
Hicks, Taylor{{#if: Taylor Hicks Taylor Hicks 29 Birmingham, Alabama 5 Winner
Rogers, Brandon{{#if: Brandon Rogers Brandon Rogers 28 North Hollywood, California 6 12th
Edwards, Stephanie{{#if: Stephanie Edwards Stephanie Edwards 19 Savannah, Georgia 6 11th
Sligh, Chris{{#if: Chris Sligh Chris Sligh 28 Greenville, South Carolina 6 10th
Glocksen, Gina{{#if: Gina Glocksen Gina Glocksen 22 Naperville, Illinois 6 9th
Scarnato, Haley{{#if: Haley Scarnato Haley Scarnato 24 San Antonio, Texas 6 8th
Malakar, Sanjaya{{#if: Sanjaya Malakar Sanjaya Malakar 17 Federal Way, Washington 6 7th
Stacey, Phil{{#if: Phil Stacey Phil Stacey 29 Jacksonville, Florida 6 5th
Richardson, Chris{{#if: Chris Richardson Chris Richardson 22 Chesapeake, Virginia 6 5th
Jones, LaKisha{{#if: LaKisha Jones LaKisha Jones 27 Fort Meade, Maryland 6 4th
Doolittle, Melinda{{#if: Melinda Doolittle Melinda Doolittle 29 Brentwood, Tennessee 6 3rd
Lewis, Blake{{#if: Blake Lewis Blake Lewis 25 Bothell, Washington 6 Runner-up
Sparks, Jordin{{#if: Jordin Sparks Jordin Sparks 17 Glendale, Arizona 6 Winner
Hernandez, David{{#if: David Hernandez David Hernandez 24 Glendale, Arizona 7 12th
Overmyer, Amanda{{#if: Amanda Overmyer Amanda Overmyer 23 Mulberry, Indiana 7 11th
Chikezie 22 Inglewood, California 7 10th
Malubay, Ramiele{{#if: Ramiele Malubay Ramiele Malubay 20 Miramar, Florida 7 9th
Johns, Michael{{#if: Michael Johns Michael Johns 29 Buckhead, Georgia 7 8th
Lee Cook, Kristy{{#if: Kristy Lee Cook Kristy Lee Cook 24 Selma, Oregon 7 7th
Smithson, Carly{{#if: Carly Smithson Carly Smithson 24 San Diego, California 7 6th
White, Brooke{{#if: Brooke White Brooke White 24 Mesa, Arizona 7 5th
Castro, Jason{{#if: Jason Castro Jason Castro 20 Rockwall, Texas 7 4th
Mercado, Syesha{{#if: Syesha Mercado Syesha Mercado 21 Sarasota, Florida 7 3rd
Archuleta, David{{#if: David Archuleta David Archuleta 17 Murray, Utah 7 Runner-up
Cook, David{{#if: David Cook David Cook 25 Blue Springs, Missouri 7 Winner
Murray, Jasmine{{#if: Jasmine Murray Jasmine Murray 16 Starkville, Mississippi 8 12th
Núñez, Jorge{{#if: Jorge Núñez Jorge Núñez 21 Carolina, Puerto Rico 8 12th
Grace, Alexis{{#if:1 Alexis Grace Alexis Grace 21 Memphis, Tennessee 8 11th
Sarver, Michael{{#if: Michael Sarver Michael Sarver 27 Jasper, Texas 8 10th
Joy, Megan{{#if: Megan Joy Megan Joy 22 Sandy, Utah 8 9th
MacIntyre, Scott{{#if: Scott MacIntyre Scott MacIntyre 23 Scottsdale, Arizona 8 8th
Rounds, Lil{{#if: Lil Rounds Lil Rounds 23 Memphis, Tennessee 8 7th
Desai, Anoop{{#if: Anoop Desai Anoop Desai 21 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 8 7th
Giraud, Matt{{#if: Matt Giraud Matt Giraud 23 Kalamazoo, Michigan 8 5th
Iraheta, Allison{{#if: Allison Iraheta Allison Iraheta 16 Los Angeles, California 8 4th
Gokey, Danny{{#if: Danny Gokey Danny Gokey 28 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 8 3rd
Lambert, Adam{{#if: Adam Lambert Adam Lambert 26 Los Angeles, California 8 Runner-up
Allen, Kris{{#if: Kris Allen Kris Allen 23 Conway, Arkansas 8 Winner


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