Idol Serbia, Montenegro & Macedonia
Idol Serbia, Montenegro & Macedonia Finalists
(with dates of elimination)
Season 1 (2003-2004)
Cveta MajtanovićWinner
Aleksandra Radosavljević31 March
Dušan Zrnić24 March
Milos Zikić17 March
Ljuban Živanović10 March
Dušan Petrović3 March
Mladen Teodorović25 February
Milica Marjanović18 February
Tatjana Đorđević11 February
Ivana Popović4 February
Season 2 (2005)
Mina LaličićWinner
Nona Nedelkovska7 May
Mina Matijašević30 April
Mladena Janjić23 April
Silvija Nedeljković16 April
Dejan Popov9 April
Viktorija Ogrizović2 April
Sanja Veličković26 March
Ivana Stojković19 March
Nataša Mijatović12 March
Marijeta Antić5 March
Maja Marjanović26 February

Idol is a reality television show based on the popular British show Pop Idol. The show is a contest to determine the best young singers in Serbia, Montenegro & Macedonia. It is hosted by Dejan Pantelić and aired on Serbia's BKTV network.


The first series of Idol had 4 audition cities to find the best talent in all of the Serbia & Montenegro, including:</br>

The second series of Idol added Skopje to the audition tour.</br>

Idol JuryEdit

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