Diana Karazon (born 30 October 1983) is the winner of the first season of Super Star, the Arabic variant on Pop Idol.

Top 55Edit

Diana performed in the first group. She sang "Akdib Aleyk" by Warda. She received enough votes to send her to the Top 12 along with Saber Shouerif Hawari.

Top 12Edit

Top 10Edit

Top 8Edit

Diana sang "Ah Ya Leel" by Ragheb Alama.

Top 7Edit

Diana sang "Iba'atli Jawab" by Nour Mehana.

Top 6Edit

Diana sang "Alf Leela W Leela" by Umm Kulthum.

Top 5Edit

Diana sang "Dinya Min El Wala" by Abdallah El Rowaished.

Top 4Edit

Diana sang "Ana Fi Entazarak" by Umm Kulthum and "Maghroume" by Najwa Karam.

Top 3Edit

Diana sang "Akdib Aleyk" by Warda, "El Posta" by Fairuz and "El Tesadigounah" by . She garnered enough votes to be considered "safe" that week.

Top 2Edit

Diana sang "Lissa Faker" by Warda, "Mahi Hal Leyla" by and "Ta'a Ninsa" by Melhem Barakat. She won the title of Super Star.

Super Star

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