Brigitte Yaghi (born 19 November 1987) is a contestant on Super Star, who finished 5th on the second season of the competition.

Top 81Edit

Brigitte performed in the fifth group. She sang "Leh Kaletni Ahebbak". She received enough votes to send her to the Top 17 along with Hadi Aswad.

Top 17Edit

During the first week, Brigitte sang "Ya Dala".

Top 15Edit

Brigitte sang "Habina Ou Ithabeena".

Top 13Edit

Brigitte sang "Ya Karm El Elali".

Top 11Edit

Brigitte sang "Ayeshteni".

Top 10Edit

Brigitte sang "Agmal Ihsas".

Top 9.1Edit

Brigitte sang "Lawn Oyounak". There was no elimination that week due to Abir Nameh's absence.

Top 9.2Edit

Brigitte sang "Ahtajak Ana".

Top 7Edit

Brigitte sang "Ana Fe Gharam" and "Sehr El Gharam".

Top 6Edit

Brigitte sang "Asha'a W Ghalbana" and "Khalik Hina".

Top 5Edit

Brigitte sang "Sahraneh" and "Ya Qamar Mashgara". She was eliminated at this stage of the competition.

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