Ayman El Aatar (born 3 June 1982) is the winner of the second season of Super Star, the Arabic variant on Pop Idol.

Top 81Edit

Ayman performed in the sixth group. He sang "Oyoun El Alb". He received enough votes to send him to the Top 17 along with Houssam Madanieh.

Top 17Edit

During the first week, Ayman sang "Y'ayshek".

Top 15Edit

Ayman sang "Sawwah".

Top 13Edit

Ayman sang "Oyouni Sahara".

Top 11Edit

Ayman sang "Eh Eh".

Top 10Edit

Ayman sang "Al Bal".

Top 9.1Edit

Ayman sang "Law Tewrafo". There was no elimination that week due to Abir Nameh's absence.

Top 9.2Edit

Ayman sang "Msafer".

Top 7Edit

Ayman sang "Hayarouni" and "Ishitak".

Top 6Edit

Ayman sang "Asaliya" and "Ya Msafer Wahdak"

Top 5Edit

Ayman sang "Lil Sabr Hadood" and "Min Ez El Nawm".

Top 4Edit

Ayman sang "Balash Tabousni Fee Weniah", "La Thizzy Kaboush El Touteh" and "Youm Leek W Youm Halik".

Top 3Edit

Ayman sang "Ayouh", "Habaitak Tanseet El Noom" and "Habibi Ya Nasi". He garnered enough votes to be considered "safe" that week,

Top 2Edit

Ayman sang "El Hawa Hawaya", "Lawla El Malama" and "Yalli Be Jamalik". He won the title of Super Star.

Super Star

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